Optimized Staff Communication for a Superior Dine-in Experience

Unlike other in-store solutions, ISC | HD provides hands-free, two-way communication that enables a natural conversational flow between multiple crew members. Employees at the front counter, for example, can easily talk with the manager or other team members, no matter where they are located, to quickly resolve any food or service issues. ISC | HD optimizes staff communication and improves productivity, leading to more efficient restaurant operations and superior customer service. 

  • Two-way simultaneous communication for 15 crew members with up to four able to speak at the same time
  • Hands-free operation maximizes employee productivity
  • Dual channel setup allows for separate communication for different crews while operating on the same system

Two-Way Simultaneous Communication

ISC | HD enables up to four crew members to speak at the same time, so there’s no need to wait for one person to finish speaking before being able to reply. The natural conversation flow created by ISC | HD allows staff to easily talk to team members in any situation. Employees in the lobby, front counter or any other area of the restaurant can effortlessly communicate with the manager in the back office to quickly address any concerns or customer requests.

In-store headsets

Mix and Match with Discreet D-Ring and All-in-One Headset Options

Hands-Free Headsets Boost Operations

The ISC | HD headsets can be configured for open channel communication for four crew members with no need to press a button—simply start talking. Employees delivering orders, for example, can instantly relay any food or service needs without stopping what they’re doing, leading to improved employee productivity and better, more efficient restaurant operations.

In-store headset and base station

Plug and Play

ISC | HD is ready for use with just a quick setup and no professional installation required. Your crew will be connected and ready to provide a more enjoyable dine-in experience in no time.

System Highlights

System Features
  • 15 users total with four able to speak at the same time
  • Hands-free operation
  • High-definition audio for unparalleled clarity
  • Single or dual channel setup
  • Belt-pacs available for more discreet communication
  • Supports EOS | HD® headsets
  • 10 to 12 hours of headset battery run time
  • Plug and play self-installation
  • Small footprint, wall mountable
  • Coverage up to 30,000 square feet*

*Results may vary depending on the environment.

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