Time to Optimize Your Drive-Thru?

Drive-thru traffic has increased significantly in the recent years and the trend isn’t slowing down. Is your drive-thru restaurant embracing the increase in traffic or struggling to keep up? Get in touch with our team of experts. We have all the tools needed to help you maximize profitability through faster service, better order accuracy, and an overall superior customer experience.

Start with a Quick Evaluation

Drive-thru restaurants designed and operated properly can help increase capacity. Review your drive-thru to identify opportunities for improvement and maximize your bottom line.

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Enhance Your Drive-Thru for Faster Service

A few adjustments can make a big difference in improving your speed of service and overall car throughput. Remember, as the wheels in the lane keep moving, the profits keep growing. For faster, seamless service, consider the following:

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  • Have you added parking spots for curbside pickup only? How about mobile order pickup?
  • Are you tracking and measuring service times for pull-forward, curbside pickup, mobile ordering, and delivery drivers?
  • Have you considered implementing face-to-face ordering, where team members are positioned outside to take orders from a tablet to greet and assist customers quicker?
  • Is your store ready to accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other tap-and-go payment options?

How’s Your Crew Doing?

A well-equipped and trained crew will be better prepared to deliver superior drive-thru results. When checking in with your crew consider the following:

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  • Are you fully staffed during the busiest dayparts?
  • Do you have equipment that your crew needs to be trained on?
  • Are you providing refresher training on service time goals?
  • Is your team motivated and engaged or can your store benefit from some fun competition and contests?
  • Are you regularly recognizing and rewarding your team for a job well done?

Are Your Headsets and Timers Working Properly?

Your equipment must be in excellent shape to keep up with the increase in drive-thru traffic. As you inspect your equipment, consider the following:

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  • Are you using HD audio so both your customers and crew hear each other clearly and you get the order right the first time?
  • Are you scheduling reminders on your NEXEO | HDX system to automatically remind your crew to wash their hands, clean their workstation, refill the sanitizer solution, and more?
  • Are you utilizing historical performance reports to identify opportunities for improvement for all your stores?
  • Are you stocked up on accessories like headset batteries, and especially ear foams and earpad covers?

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Whether you need help with crew training, upgrading your equipment, or adding curbside and mobile pickup, our team is ready to help you optimize your drive-thru operation.

Looking to optimize your QSR operation? We can help.

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