Outperform Others to Reach the Top

Multi-store ranking is an easy, exciting way to motivate your crew and encourage better results. Crews are motivated to outperform other stores to reach the top of the leaderboard, resulting in improved results across your organization. Rank stores based on car counts, service times, or a different metric. The ZOOM Nitro Leaderboard makes it easy to coach your team and provides new opportunities to celebrate their hard work every day.

Level the Playing Field

Group the Leaderboard your way. Make the top spot more attainable to lower performing stores by grouping them with stores with similar results. Challenge top performers by grouping them with other top-ranking stores. Keep key differentiators like drive-thru configuration and traffic volume in mind as you set up your Leaderboard groups for best results.

Customizable Leaderboards

Create and edit custom Leaderboard templates to reflect your organizational needs. Easily customize a Leaderboard templates and apply to one, multiple, or all stores on your account. Custom templates enable organizational consistency and significantly reduce setup time.


Online Training for Ongoing Success

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