ZOOM Nitro Data

Your Entire Operation at Your Fingertips.
Anytime, Anywhere.

All your stores compiled into easy-to-read comparison visuals, including goal percentages, car counts, and average service times. View real-time metrics for one or multiple restaurants to quickly identify high and low-performing stores. Historical multi-store reports enable you to target key areas of improvement based on past performance.

Take your entire enterprise with you anywhere you go.

Multi-Store Reporting

View rolled-up data to see what’s working or what needs to change. Drill down into the details for one store or make large-scale comparisons, so you can easily see how a region compares against another.

Your Data, Your Way

Organize your stores to easily manage enterprise visibility and user access. Assign stores to District Managers, Area Managers, Store Managers, or anyone on your team. Create hierarchies based on any criteria you want, like regions and districts, to mirror the way you do business.

Stay Current & Connected

Remotely access and adjust settings for your Nitro Timers. Receive software upgrades to always stay up to date on the latest software features. Connect to HME technical support to identify and resolve issues before sending a technician to your store. Anytime. Anywhere.

Nitro timer screens
Nitro timer screens
Nitro timer screens

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