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Solving Your Equipment Problems is as Easy as 1-2-3

 Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - Step 1

Call 800.848.4468 and then 1-2-3 to reach Tech Support.

 Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - Step 2.

We can usually fix the problem over the phone. If not, we'll advance-ship fully refurbished replacement equipment, directly to your door.

 Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - Step 3

Simply put the defective equipment back in the same box and UPS will pick it up. It's that easy!

When There's No Time for a Drive-Thru Equipment Failure

We're here 24/7 for quality drive-thru timer repairs and drive-thru headset repairs that get you up and running fast. HME's Repair Depot is the only way to GUARANTEE your drive-thru equipment is repaired using only factory-authorized, original drive-thru replacement parts — at a competetive price.

Some repair companies think that all drive-thru headset parts and drive-thru timer parts are created equal. They save a little on the plastic, a little on the button covers, a littel on the connectors. All those little things add up, and in the end you're stuck with poor quality drive-thru repairs that will cost you more worries, time and money.

Not All Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs are Equal

HME drive-thru repair on a circuit board

HME Repairs

HME’s highly trained technicians replace old parts and fix problems with care. HME doesn’t “jump” over problems like some of our competitors.

Competitor's damage to a circuit board

Competitor Repairs

Colored wired, or “jumpers” on this circuit board are the competitor’s way of doing a quick fix that reduces the life and performance of the product.

 Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - Original Manufacturer's Quality, Lowest Prices

At HME, you can rest assured that your drive-thru equipment repair will be done right the first time by experts — and quickly — so you can get back on track fast. We'll even pay for shipping.*


Count on HME for:

Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - Free Shipping*

Free Shipping*

Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - Factory Authorized

Factory Authorized

Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - Highest Quality

Highest Quality

Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - Upgrades Included

Upgrades Included

Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - Original Specs

Original Specs

Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - COMs Tested

COMs Tested

Drive-Thru Equipment Repairs - 120 Day Warranty

120 Day Warranty

*Via UPS ARS return service.

HME Service Plans Keep Your Equipment Operating at Peak Performance

Drive-Thru Equipment Maintenance Agreement (EMA)

Protect your valuable investment in drive-thru timer systems and drive-thru headset systems with a Drive-Thru Equipment Maintenance Agreement from HME. An EMA covers equipment failure due to normal use, operation or wear as well as free advanced exchange service, which provides replacement equipment within 24 hours to reduce equipment downtime. Purchase an EMA with your drive-thru system to focus on managing the store, without the hassles of equipment maintenance:

  • Reduced downtime with fast equipment replacement
  • No long-term contracts
  • Covers HME drive-thru timer and headset systems
  • Count on HME-certified parts for service and repairs

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