The Only Solution Especially Designed for Drive-Thru Voice AI Ordering (VAIO)

NEXEO Pro is the total solution for restaurant communication specifically built to seamlessly support your preferred voice AI provider. Other communication solutions on the market need additional audio boxes or conversions to integrate with your VAIO provider, but NEXEO Pro has the technology to seamlessly support your VAIO partnership—HDX Digital Audio, built-in support, advanced telemetry, remote management, and more. Together, NEXEO Pro and voice AI ordering provide a drive-thru experience unlike any other, helping your team succeed even if staffing fluctuates.

What Makes NEXEO Pro the Only Choice for VAIO?

Perhaps you’ve been told that it’s easy to convert your current drive-thru headset system, or just about any drive-thru audio system, into a VAIO-ready platform. But an improvised solution does not provide the critical components needed for the highest quality and performance. On the contrary, a converted system adds audio boxes and components that can quickly become points of failure. Unlike those temporary solutions, the NEXEO Pro solution is uniquely designed for seamless voice AI integration and provides the best bot audio experience on the market. NEXEO Pro is more than just VAIO ready—it is specifically built and designed for VAIO.

Uniquely Designed for VAIO

The NEXEO Pro system components were specifically developed to seamlessly integrate with a VAIO system and to provide the best bot audio experience. NEXEO Pro feature upgrades support pace of technology innovation, meaning that as the VAIO technology and requirements evolve, NEXEO Pro does, too.

Built-In Support for Seamless Ordering

NEXEO Pro makes it quick and easy for a crew member to take over the ordering process at any point as well as supports system escalation to alert a crew member if the VAIO system needs help to complete an order.

Digital End-to-End Audio

NEXEO Pro delivers fully digital end-to-end audio, which eliminates hum and noise throughout the system. Whether your order taker is a person or a bot, HDX Digital Audio provides the highest quality, consistency, and performance.

Telemetry for Real-Time Critical Insights

Through telemetry, we can continuously monitor and evaluate the networked audio to ensure the system is always operating at peak performance. As we measure the real-time health of your NEXEO Pro & VAIO systems, we are able to closely monitor system performance to take action as needed.

HME CLOUD® Connectivity

In addition to providing remote management and diagnostics, HME CLOUD connectivity easily delivers firmware updates and performance improvement updates to ensure your NEXEO Pro solution is always up to date with the latest advancements.

NEXEO Pro Highlights

Seamless Voice AI Integration
Group Communication
1-to-1 Calling
1-to-Group Calling
Voice Commands
Group Alerts & Reminders
ZOOM Nitro® Timer Integration
HDX Digital Audio
Intuitive Message Center
At-a-Glance System Health
Touchscreen Interface
Tap-to-Connect Registration
Remote Management & Troubleshooting

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