ZOOM Nitro Drive-Thru Timer

Your Store Manager’s New Best Friend

The all-new ZOOM Nitro drive-thru timer adds greater power and flexibility to our industry-recognized timer technology. The in-store dashboard is configurable to best fit your store’s specific needs. It’s the in-store diagnostic tool that empowers managers to solve performance issues on the spot.

Think Outside the Drive-Thru Lane

Mobile orders and curbside pick-up have quickly become restaurant norms. The ZOOM Nitro drive-thru timer has flexible vehicle detection options like wired loops, wireless detectors, and ultra-sonic detectors to ensure speed and efficiency for customers waiting outside of the drive-thru lane, including pull-forward, mobile, and curbside pickup areas.

Configurable Dashboards to Meet Your Goals

Customize your dashboard to match your drive-thru configuration and show the metrics that are most important to you. Display up to eight real-time events in Single, Dual, or Y-Lane configurations. Select pre-configured metrics or configure your own by tracking the time between any two detection points. Plus, the ZOOM Nitro drive-thru timer integrates with various POS systems to show order details and total wait time. View the transaction number, number of items ordered, order sub-total and order total amount of the lead car in the lane.

Nitro timer screens

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