HME Drive-Thru Leaderboard

The Easy-To-use Multi-Store Employee Motivational Tool

Improve drive-thru performance and revenue across your entire enterprise with the all-new HME Drive-Thru Leaderboard. Compatible with the ZOOM® Timer System, the Drive-Thru Leaderboard compares and ranks each store’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), creating a friendly competition that motivates employees to improve their ranking.

View store performance rankings side-by-side with your ZOOM Timer data to:

  • Improve speed of service
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Enhance customer service
  • Increase drive-thru revenues 
Drive-Thru Leaderboard displayed in-store next to ZOOM drive-thru timer

Easily Compare Performance Across Multiple Stores

Compare KPI’s across your entire enterprise to inspire friendly competition among stores. The large, easy-to-read display enables employees to see at a glance:

  • Current store performance rankings
  • Number of cars served per hour
  • Hourly speed of service averages
  • Average metrics for the day
  • Percentage of goal achieved
Leaderboard displayed in-store next to ZOOM drive-thru timer

Deliver the Optimal Drive-Thru Experience with DTOS

Drive-Thru Leaderboard is an essential component of HME’s Drive-Thru Optimization System (DTOS), which also includes the ZOOM Drive-Thru Timer and HME CLOUD. DTOS fully optimizes your drive-thru by providing your crew, managers, and supervisors the information needed to drive sales and increase car counts.

ZOOM Real-Time View

ZOOM Provides a Real-Time View of Drive-Thru Performance

The customizable ZOOM dashboard display helps crewmembers view drive-thru service times and key performance indicators in real-time. Managers can track car counts, pace of service, and easily identify and fix issues in order to keep your drive-thru at peak performance.

Run your drive-thru with ZOOM and:

  • View a real-time picture of what’s happening in the drive-thru
  • Easily pinpoint areas of improvement
  • Set goals and track pace in real-time for faster service
HME CLOUD Management

HME CLOUD Drive-Thru Enterprise Management

Monitor your entire organization from anywhere you go with HME CLOUD. Simply use your online account to view and compare the performance of each store in real-time. Operators can identify top- and underperforming stores, and drill down to the details to find areas of improvement with just a few clicks.

With HME CLOUD store operators can:

  • View and compare drive-thru metrics for all your stores in one view
  • Make a real-time analysis of your entire operation with customizable reports
  • Access remote software upgrades, support, and more!
Drive-Thru Analytics on the Go

The Power of Drive-Thru Analytics in a Mobile App

The all-new HME Now™ app enables you to view drive-thru metrics for all your restaurants on your phone, and sends alerts when there’s something that needs your attention. Whether you run one or multiple stores, HME Now keeps you informed on drive-thru performance and helps you improve speed of service anywhere you go.

  • View a store’s real-time metrics and drill into the details by hour, daypart, or day
  • Set alerts for as many stores and drive-thru events as you’d like
  • Receive an alert when drive-thru performance needs your attention

The All-New HME Training Portal

HME is excited to introduce an all-new, comprehensive online training portal. Whether you are learning the system basics or are looking for tips and resources to build ongoing success, you'll find our new online portal to be of great benefit.

Online Training Portal Features

  • Videos that cover everything from basic operation to in-depth step-by-step training on advanced configurations
  • Training materials designed with various needs in mind, ranging from in-store crew to operators and directors
  • Supporting documents to prepare for your system installation and help get you started 
  • Detailed operation and execution manuals as well as job aids and tools that promote continuous improvement
  • Regular updates to incorporate the latest HME product and training information

How to Access the Portal

  1. Visit the Portal at
  2. Log in using your HME CLOUD credentials

HME Leaderboard has allowed all of my restaurant teams to know how they’re doing compared to others—they are always working to be on top!

Darrell Troester
Major QSR Chain Owner/Operator

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