Vuze® Table Location System

Convenient Table Service for a Better Customer Experience

Winner of the 2016 QSR Magazine Applied Tech Award , Vuze helps quick-service restaurants provide fast and efficient table service. Guests can engage in conversation and enjoy their dining experience without worrying about their order. When guests place an order, they receive a guest tag from the cashier that immediately begins to track their location and order time.

Vuze uses active RFID technology that assures accurate table tracking so guests are free to sit anywhere in the restaurant. There's no need to place the guest tag directly on a table. Vuze tracks exactly where customers are, whether seated or on the move. Crew members can then deliver each order as soon as it is ready by finding guests’ location using the simple-to-follow Vuze display map. When an order is delivered, tags are returned to the front counter to be deactivated and order-time tracking is concluded.

Time-Stamp Technology for Faster Orders

Vuze tracks order times and uses color indicators to alert restaurant staff if orders are running behind schedule. Order tracking begins the moment guests place their order and continues through order delivery. Tracking order times gives operators greater insight on the speed and quality of service guests are experiencing inside their restaurant.

A Table Location System Tailored to Your Needs

Create delivery zones to better manage the flow of food runners. Add custom descriptions to avoid confusion and help food runners locate tables quickly. Additional tags can also be added for table level granularity – choose the option that best fits your needs.

Vuze table location time stamp feature displayed

Advanced Reporting

All Vuze-tag movement can be recorded throughout the day, which allows operators to get an in-depth understanding of their restaurant’s day-to-day volume trends. Operators can use the advanced reporting features to analyze tag data and learn how to better manage their restaurant’s guest flow.

Graph showing table location guest tag daily activity

…quick-serve brands especially are pressured to add a new serve element for guests that is quick, efficient, and comfortable. The Vuze system offers all of those things…

QSR Magazine 2016 Applied Tech Awards

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