Curbside, Carryout & To Go Order Management

HostConcepts Waitlist & Text can be used as your management solution for Curbside, Carryout and To Go orders.  Easily text guests when their carryout order is taken with pickup instructions and receive alerts when guests arrive with a description of their vehicle so your staff can deliver food safe and fast.

In-Store Communications

ISC | HD is the first hands-free, high-definition headset system specially designed to improve communications among crew members. Hands-free, two-way communication enables staff to talk with a natural conversational flow that facilitates more efficient restaurant operations, leading to a superior customer experience.

Additional benefits include:

  • Full-duplex communication that enables multiple users to speak at the same time
  • High-definition audio for unparalleled clarity
  • Single or dual channel setup
  • Plug and play self-installation

Guest Pagers

Offer the best in-store experience by keeping your team connected with your guests. Improve speed of service, guest satisfaction and brand loyalty with JTECH guest notification solutions.

Server Pagers

Staff communication is essential to a great team. Send group and individual alerts to your crew when action is needed. Add Call Buttons to connect your guests, managers and staff for instant notification and immediate service.

Table Location

Table location helps quick-service restaurants provide fast and efficient table service. Guests can enjoy their dining experience without worrying about their order. Track order time, guest location and deliver food fast and fresh.

Motorola Radios

Designed with productivity in mind, Motorola Two-way Radios offer reliability and durability. Connect your crew with two-way communication with just the push of a button.

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