A Seamless Curbside Experience

The need for social distancing has led restaurants and other businesses to get creative and add contactless service options like curbside pickup. Curbside pickup helps meet social distancing guidelines while allowing customers to enjoy their favorite restaurant meals and shop at their favorite stores. All without leaving their vehicle.

How Does it Work?

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Easy Pickup

When guests arrive at your restaurant, they’ll park in a designated curbside pickup space. Then, they’ll use their phone to scan the QR code or text the number that appears on the curbside parking sign.* Both options will open the FindMe screen where your guest will enter their name and vehicle description. This sends an alert to a staff pager, letting your team know that the guest has arrived.

  • Deliver faster, more accurate service
  • Easy to use; no app installation required
  • Quick setup and self-installation
  • Enable staff to provide a great curbside pickup experience

*Parking space signs not included.

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