The All-Inclusive Solution for Guest Management

Now more than ever, restaurant crews need all the help they can get to provide a pleasant customer experience. Whether you’re looking to enhance dine in operations or want to improve your take-out process, HostConcepts enables your team to better manage waitlists, track reservations, optimize table management, and stay connected to guests. Plus, the Offline Mode ensures access to guest reservations and waitlists to keep things rolling smoothly even without Internet access.

Why HostConcepts?

Easily manage your front of house, stay connected to guests, manage orders—and more—for an enjoyable guest experience. With HostConcepts, you have the flexibility to choose the features that best fit your operational needs and help you reach your business goals.

  • Social Distancing Management
  • Track dine-in occupancy and maintain Guest Contact Tracing Logs

  • Guest SMS Texting
  • Text a reservation reminder 24 hours in advance
    Notify guests when their table is ready

  • Tap-Ahead™ Seating
  • Enable guests to add their name to your waitlist from your website or mobile app

  • Table Tracking
  • Easily update table status and availability to seat guests quickly

  • Table Assignment
  • Quickly assign servers to their areas, pre-plan staff shifts, track server rotation and view table history

  • HotSchedules Integration
  • Integrates with HotSchedules to quickly view employee work schedules.

  • Offline Mode
  • Access guest reservations and waitlists even without Web access.

Looking to optimize your QSR operation? We can help.

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