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HME is leading the way for the next generation of communications, audio, software, and hardware solutions for a variety of niche markets. From advanced restaurant communications solutions to digital wireless intercoms that harness the full capabilities of 5 GHz and IP, our teams empower a diverse range of markets around the world to stay connected when it matters most.

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Whether you're at the start of your career or have many years of experience, we have a spot for you on our team. We are market leaders looking for individuals with a passion for innovation. We dream big and aim high. We take pride in our products and celebrate every milestone, while appreciating the ups and downs along the way. Does this sound like you, too? We've been waiting for you!

“You are given opportunities to work on niche products with cutting-edge technologies, in an open culture environment. I am excited to be part of the #1 company in the Drive-Thru business.”

— Vishal Shah
Software Engineering Manager


Women in Technology (W.I.T.)

More than a club, we’re a community of individuals with a strong focus to elevate and empower women, make connections, and have fun. Our community is represented by persons of all backgrounds—regardless of gender, ethnicity, experience, or field of expertise. Our monthly gatherings provide fun learning and networking opportunities. We strive to create experiences that will add to your professional development, helping you project your best self in everything you do.

“We’re passionate about our Women in Technology (WIT) group at HME. It’s often difficult for women to connect with each other as they are often few and far between in a technology company. Our goal is to help elevate women and enable success by creating fun, social connections, leadership development, mentoring opportunities, and resources for continuous professional development. Come join us!”

— Karen Robinson
Director of Engineering &
Women in Technology Founder


What does it mean to be an HME Engineer?

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Software Engineer

As an applications developer at HME you will work on features and functionality for all our products. including our ZOOM Nitro drive-thru timer, video detection using machine learning and AI, and much more! As we continue along our data and analytics journey, you will build the applications which provide deeper insights into restaurant operations.

Electrical Engineer

HME electrical engineers design and develop market-leading communication systems and technologies. You’ll be involved in the entire product lifecycle from concept and architecture through implementation. As a member of a multifunctional team, you’ll use your knowledge and expertise, along with ECAD tools and lab facilities, to implement and verify the board level electronics of our products.

Mechanical Engineer

Our passion as Mechanical Engineers at HME is to find elegant, clever solutions to new and challenging problems. You’ll be involved in the entire product lifecycle, from early design through manufacturing. We get to create innovative mechanical designs and exceptional products that wow our customers!

Research and Development (R&D)

Come collaborate with experts in voice communication systems, signal processing, and radio technology to define, build and demonstrate working proof-of-concept systems. You’ll use your C/C++ and hardware skills to develop and implement new digital signal processing algorithms that enhance communications for our customers.

Software Quality Engineering

Our SQE team ensures the high quality HME is known for by creating and running test plans using their extensive knowledge of our products. At HME, we believe in testing the modern way. We do our testing by automating everything we can to eliminate the mundane and at the same time having a repeatable quality process.

Project Manager

At HME, you’ll design, implement, and utilize project management processes and tools to lead product development from feasibility study to production release. You belong on our team if you have excellent organizational, planning and time management skills and a drive to win that acts as a catalyst to achieve goals and objectives.

Manufacturing Engineer

As a member of our team, you’ll ensure optimum producibility of products and perform production support activities. You’ll lead the development and optimization of production to ensure the process capability, in addition to developing tools and fixtures to produce our products efficiently. Working in a multifunctional team, DFM and DFT will be your opportunity to guide our organization in the correct direction.

Quality Engineer

At HME, you’ll manage performance, reliability testing, and forensic analysis on a variety of materials and products in our state-of-the-art quality testing laboratory. You’ll actively collaborate with key departments across the organization as well as interact directly with customers to assess their experience with a focus on continually driving improvements in product quality and customer satisfaction.

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DevCon 2022

Our first annual conference for HME developers and engineers, DevCon 2022 launched with a week dedicated to developer technologies and innovation through a series of workshops, trainings, and guest speakers. DevCon gives our teams the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and celebrate in a fun and engaging environment outside of the office.

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