The Journey Begins

Harrison “Harry” Miyahira, a native of Hawaii, grew up with a passion for electronics. He was a ham radio operator at the age of 11. By the time he was a sophomore in high school he held an FCC first-class radio license and worked part-time in broadcasting at KMVI in Maui.

Harry received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. Following graduation and his completion of military service, Harry sharpened his expertise in communication solutions in aerospace for over a decade before setting out on his own.


HM Electronics, Inc. (HME) is founded by Harry Miyahira with a focus on wireless microphones and intercoms.

HME quickly captures over 65% of the professional audio market.


Debuts the first wireless professional microphone used for concerts and live events.

Establishes manufacturing capability in San Diego to improve R&D and customer responsiveness.


Introduces first wireless intercom system for the professional audio market.

Becomes the standard for coordination of mission critical activities for news broadcasts, theaters, and live concert events.


Pioneered the first wireless drive-thru headset system for quick-service restaurants (QSRs). Revolutionizes drive-thru operations and service by giving employees the freedom to move about the restaurant to do other tasks while still being able to communicate with their customers, significantly improving productivity.


Growing demand for HME products and services requires room for expansion. HME moved to an 18,000 sq. ft. facility in the Scripps Ranch area of San Diego.


Successful customer adoption of QSR and Pro Audio products requires further expansion. HME moved into two new buildings totaling over 40,000 sq. ft. in the Sorrento Mesa area of San Diego.


Launches the first drive-thru timer, enabling QSRs to optimize and measure drive-thru performance. Establishes a new industry standard for drive-thru speed and customer service.


Introduces CommLink, a retail and supermarket system that improves store operations through more efficient staff communication.

Develops the first full-duplex communication system for the QSR industry.


Introduces multi-point wireless intercom system—the first of its kind. Significantly improves multi-point communication across a variety of industries, including convenience stores, banking, pharmacy, and specialty QSR.


Acquires Commercial Electronics Inc. (CE). Provides third-party drive-thru headset and timer system repairs for customers throughout the eastern U.S.

CE is the only independent, HME factory-approved and trained facility in the U.S., servicing both HME products as well as those of other manufacturers.


Becomes the global leader in restaurant communications with systems in each of the top 50 QSR chains, and with more QSR drive-thru communication systems installed worldwide than all other manufacturers combined.


Widescale adoption of wireless communication and timer systems in QSR propels yet another expansion. HME moved to new facility in Poway, California with expanded manufacturing capabilities, totaling over 71,000 sq. ft.


Introduces wireless headset systems for football and healthcare applications.

Adopts LEAN principles and methodology of continuous improvement in manufacturing operations.

LEAN is now integral to HME culture, spanning all aspects and functions from Manufacturing, to Administration, to Engineering, to Sales, and to Service.


Launches first digital All-in-One Headset. Innovative All-in-One design, equipped with the industry’s first noise cancellation circuit, successfully shifts industry almost entirely away from traditional belt-pac designs.


Acquires NTN Wireless, Inc., later renamed HME Wireless. Fuels HME’s expansion into casual dining, church, healthcare, and retail markets with a comprehensive suite of on-site pager and radio products.


Acquires Clear-Com, a pioneer, innovator and respected brand in the professional audio industry. Clear-Com was first to introduce wired intercom systems for live performances.


Both Clear-Com and HME receive Emmy Awards in recognition of significant innovations and technical contributions to entertainment and live event industries.


Acquires JTECH and merges with HME Wireless, creating the largest on-site paging company in the hospitality industry.


Provides guest management software and on-site paging solutions to restaurants, healthcare, churches, and retail industries worldwide.

JTECH becomes the global leader in on-site paging with more systems installed than all other manufacturers combined.


HME forms HSC, Hospitality & Specialty Communications, which joins Clear-Com, JTECH, and CE under the HME Corporate umbrella.

HSC continues HME’s leadership tradition providing innovative products and superior service for QSRs worldwide.


Clear-Com launches FreeSpeak II, a five-channel full duplex wireless intercom, and the world’s most relied upon solution for broadcast requirements from single studio productions to multi-location world-wide sporting events.


Acquires Trilogy. Complements Clear-Com’s broadcast and live event product offerings, and fuels Clear-Com’s expansion into Defense and Aerospace, Broadcast, Emergency Management, and Commercial and Industrial markets. Offers multi-level security digital matrix, IP intercom systems, and timing reference generators.


Clear-Com celebrates 50 years of success as the global leader for communications in live, broadcast, and other professional audio venues. Today, Clear-Com communications equipment is used to coordinate over 30,000 live and broadcast events each year for news stations, theaters, and concert venues across the world.


Built-to-suit 140,000 sq. ft. headquarters open in Carlsbad, California. Complete with manufacturing facilities, engineering, research and development, customer support center, and administration offices all under one roof.


Launched NEXEO|HDX™ crew communication platform, the total solution for drive-thru communication and beyond.


HME announces JTECH subsidiary divestiture sale to LEETEK USA, a long-time partner and supplier.


HME is a family of companies specializing in communication technology for a variety of markets. From advanced restaurant communications solutions to digital wireless intercoms that harness the full capabilities of 5 GHz and IP, HME is empowering a diverse range of markets around the world to stay connected when it matters most. Our customer relationships and innovative offerings extend to over 140 countries with corporate offices in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and across Europe, China and the Middle East. HME is devoted to continually seek new ways to improve communications and provide the best technologies that help customers do their jobs with ease and efficiency.

Celebrating 50 Years of Product Innovation & Customer Care

of top QSR chains use our systems
QSR orders fulfilled using our systems every day
Available in 140+ countries
Live events use our systems each year
AME Excellence Award recipient for demonstrated excellence in LEAN manufacturing and enterprise operations