ZOOM® Drive-Thru Timer System

In today’s competitive quick-service market, every second counts. That’s why HME designed its advanced ZOOM drive-thru timer system to provide complete visibility into your entire operation. With its intuitive, multi-color dashboard, customizable reports and convenient network accessibility, other drive-thru timers can’t compare. And with the new HME CLOUD you can view detailed, easy-to-read dashboards and reports remotely.

More than a drive-thru timer:

  • View multiple drive-thru points simultaneously, at a glance
  • Pinpoint problems as they occur, and take action to keep cars moving
  • Download reports and view real-time activity from your PC, anytime, anywhere
  • Log in to HME CLOUD to access dashboards, reports and more for all of your stores.

HME CLOUD® Drive-Thru Enterprise Management

HME CLOUD is a one-stop shop for all of your ZOOM timer data. This simple remote management system works as a central storage place to access information from a single store or from multiple stores so you can visually compare them simultaneously. Now you can identify potential problems or bottlenecks with ease and take action instantly for all your stores.

  • Quickly view your whole operation with multi-store dashboards for easy comparison of performance data
  • Update settings for your ZOOM drive-thru timers and EOS | HD drive-thru headset systems from virtually anywhere
  • Automatic upgrades keep your stores' software current
  • Get the right help when you need it with a remote connection to HME tech support

HME Drive-Thru Leaderboard

Motivating employees to improve speed of service times and order accuracy is a snap with the all-new HME Drive-Thru Leaderboard. Use the latest in drive-thru technology to compare and rank key performance indicators from multiple stores. Track rolling speed of service averages, percentage of goal achieved and more to create friendly competition among employees to improve their ranking and their store's performance.

  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Compatible with the ZOOM Timer System and HME CLOUD
  • Easily compare performance across multiple stores
  • Increase staff productivity and drive-thru revenues

HME Training Portal

Introducing our all-new, comprehensive HME training portal. Whether you are learning the system basics or are looking for tips and resources to build ongoing success, you’ll find our new online portal to be of great benefit.

HME training portal features:

  • Videos that cover everything from basic operation to in-depth step-by-step training on advanced configurations
  • Training material designed with various needs in mind, ranging from the Shift Manager to Directors and Operators
  • Supporting documents to prepare for your system installation and help get you started
  • Detailed operation and execution manuals as well as job aids and tools that promote continuous improvement
  • Regular updates that incorporate the latest HME product and training information

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