Improve Restaurant Operations, Increase Customer Satisfaction

Restaurant pagers improve communication between restaurant staff and customers, which provides for a more efficient restaurant operation and highly satisfied customers. Guest pagers help you notify customers faster when orders are ready, while server pagers keep staff and managers in constant communication and working productively. Additional benefits include:

  • Instantly call staff and managers to provide immediate assistance when necessary
  • Increase staff productivity and enhance the customer experience
  • Create a more streamlined order pick-up process that relieves front counter congestion
Paging System

Guest Paging System

Relieve Counter Congestion, Improve Customer Experience

Turn waiting guests into happy customers with a GuestCall® guest paging system . GuestCall notifies customers with a flash, beep or vibration the instant their food is ready. No longer will customers need to wait near the pick-up counter or listen to a noisy overhead system for their order number. With GuestCall, customers are free to find a seat and enjoy conversation while they wait for their order.

GuestCall relieves counter congestion, creating a more streamlined order pick-up process. Lightweight and convenient, digital pagers free customers to visit with one another on the patio, in the dining area, or at the play area while they wait for their food. With GuestCall, your staff will deliver faster, smoother, more customer-friendly service.

  • Digital Coaster Pager
    Programs pager numbers through over-the-air commands, freeing managers to manage the restaurant and not the paging system.
  • Customer-Friendly Paging
    Streamlines the pick-up process and creates a more peaceful atmosphere.
  • Anti-Theft Feature
    Minimizes pager loss with an out-of-range alert.
Guest Paging System
  • Most Reliable Pagers
    Made from high-quality parts for the best performance in the industry.
  • User-Replaceable Batteries
    Battery replacement is easy and convenient, keeping the cost of ownership down.
  • Smart Charging
    Dramatically extends the life of pager batteries without overcharging them.
  • Unique System ID
    Prevents neighboring paging systems from interfering with communication in your restaurant.

Server Paging System

Hot Food Served Hot!

Deliver the best customer experience possible with a ServerCall® server paging system . ServerCall keeps food runners, kitchen staff and managers in constant communication and working more efficiently. Servers are instantly notified when food is ready for table delivery while it’s still hot and fresh.

ServerCall helps you manage your staff more effectively and profitably. By enabling your staff to complete other tasks between order deliveries, ServerCall reduces labor costs while increasing productivity and enhancing customer experience. ServerCall also comes with a variety of transmitter and pager choices to fit your restaurant needs.

  • Auto Recall Feature
    Automatically pages the server up to three times when food is ready for pickup. If the third page is unanswered, the manager is paged to provide further assistance.
  • All-Page Feature
    Allows managers to quickly send a message to the entire staff, such as announcing a “shift meeting” or that a menu item is no longer available.
  • Durable Pagers
    Made to withstand the quick-service restaurant environment.
Server Paging System
  • Manager Button
    Instantly calls the manager to provide additional assistance when necessary.
  • Multiple Pager and Transmitter Choices
    Mix and match pagers for the best solution to fit your budget and operation.
  • User-Replaceable Rechargeable Batteries
    Battery replacement is easy and convenient.
  • Unique System ID
    Prevents neighboring paging systems from interfering with your communication.
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