Total Drive-Thru Solutions

Your business depends on clear communication, order accuracy and fast service – the basic ingredients for customer satisfaction and repeat business. HME offers a full range of drive-thru accessory products to complement our full line of communication systems. These products will enhance every part of the order-taking process, so your business is more productive and more profitable. We help keep your customers satisfied and your drive-thru lane moving – and that's always good for business.

Realize the full potential of your drive-thru business with total drive-thru solutions from HME.

Batteries/Battery Chargers

Factory-authorized rechargeable batteries from HME have exceptional staying power. And HME's battery chargers are easy to use, provide the safest charge and extend the life of your batteries while maximizing battery capacity. Used together, both battery and charger ensure the best performance from your HME wireless communication system.

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Ultra-Durable Belt-Pacs

Our belt-pacs are perfect partners to HME's super-strong headsets. Designed to reduce maintenance costs, HME's belt-pacs are water-resistant and sealed tight to extend the life of your equipment.

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Our new headsets are completely redesigned – from cables and conductors that resist breaking to our new cables that can withstand more than 100 pounds of pull – these headsets are built to last. They're grease-resistant, flexible, lightweight and comfortable, twistable, pullable, and ultimately durable.

And our cabled HS9 Headset is proven to be more than twice as durable as those of our competitors – withstanding 100 pounds of pull force and over a million twists!

Our headsets and earpieces are designed with long-term comfort in mind. Features like soft-foam ear cushions, lapel microphones, and adjustable slides and backings make wireless communication more comfortable and less fatiguing for your employees.

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Message Repeaters

Now your customers will never have to wait to be acknowledged at your drive-thru. With the MR300, all customers are greeted professionally and automatically the instant they drive up to the menu board. It's like having an extra employee dedicated to greeting customers and up-selling orders!

The MR300 Message Repeater is easy to use and versatile:
  • Different messages can be sequenced so customers don't have to hear the same message as the car in front of them.
  • Record messages through the built-in microphone, HME headset, computer sound files, or from the corporate office using the Message Module.
  • Store from one (1) to five (5) different messages of varying length (up to the total available recording time).

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Vehicle Detectors

HME's CE417 is a versatile dual output external vehicle detector that signals all of your equipment – cabled or wireless timers – regardless of manufacturer. The CE417 senses vehicles as they pass over an underground loop and then transmits presence or pulse signals to multiple devices such as timers, message repeaters, base stations, and more.

HME also offers ultrasonic vehicle detectors. The DU3 is installed above ground, making it ideal for existing sites.

All HME vehicle detectors are impact and weather-resistant to withstand the rigors of the drive-thru.

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Speaker Posts

The SPP2 Speaker Post is built to withstand the rigors of the drive-thru while providing the highest possible sound quality. Its full-duplex design houses both speaker and microphone, so the customer and order-taker communicate naturally for better order accuracy and customer service. And because the SPP2 is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, it is a cost-effective choice.

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Telephone Interface

Restaurant managers can easily answer the phone while supervising the drive-thru and handling other restaurant business. With the new TI6000 Telephone Interface for the digital communication system from HME, managers wearing a headset can conveniently have phone conversations with customers with the touch of a button. The TI6000 is available for use with the ODYSSEY IQ or WIRELESS IQ headset models.

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Temperature Alert Sensor Headset Accessory

A convenient add-on to our groundbreaking Ion IQ drive-thru headset system. If the temperature inside the refrigerator or freezer exceeds your pre-set high or low limit, the system sends an alert to employees' headsets. Protects food quality and safety when doors are accidentally left open, or equipment malfunctions.

Learn more about the Temperature Alert Sensor Headset Accessory

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