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Supercharge Your Battery Life

Batteries are an important part of your headset system and should be properly taken care of. By practicing some preventive maintenance, you can keep your batteries running longer and your headsets working clearly so you can focus on your store and not your equipment.

HME's Battery Preventive Maintenance Tips

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Battery Charging Basics

Do not over charge your batteries. Batteries do not need to be charged after every shift, but only when the charge is almost drained. To maintain the battery's charge longer, turn off the power to your headsets before storing. If your batteries are not charging correctly, they may need to be cleaned.

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How to Clean Your Battery Contacts

Keeping your batteries clean will reduce static and keep your batteries working longer.

  1. Moisten a cotton swab with alcohol.
  2. Make sure battery charger is unplugged.
  3. Clean the contacts on the battery, headset/belt-pac, and battery charger.
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Recycle & Replace Your Batteries if:

  1. You are consistently hearing excessive static in the headset.
  2. Your batteries only last 2 hours or less between charges.
  3. Your headset only works a short distance from your base station.
  4. The date code on the back of the batteries is 18 to 24 months or older.

Be sure to recycle your batteries at your local electronic recycling center or send them back to HME at 2848 Whiptail Loop, Carlsbad, CA 92010.

Date code on a battery

How to Read the Date Code on Your Batteries

  1. Locate the sticker on the back of your battery.
  2. The date code is located on the upper right corner of the sticker.
  3. The date code will appear similar to this: Y12JAN 2394.
  4. In the date code, 12JAN = January 2012. This is the month and year your battery was produced.

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