Guest & Server Pagers

Improve restaurant operations with guest and server pagers. Guest pagers improve communication between restaurant staff and customers, like notifying customers immediately when orders are ready. At the same time, server pagers keep staff and managers connected and working efficiently, which leads to a more satisfying customer experience. Additional benefits include:

  • Easily provide customers with immediate assistance with a quick pager alert
  • Improve productivity and restaurant operations
  • Relieve front counter congestion and improve the ordering process for to-go customers

Vuze® Table Location

The Vuze Table Location System helps crew members find restaurant guests easily, providing faster service and a better customer experience. And faster table service makes all the difference for QSR operations by contributing to a faster table turnover and greater profitability. Additional benefits include:

  • Find guests anywhere as they move about the restaurant to deliver food when it’s most fresh
  • Time-stamp technology that tracks all order times
  • Guest tags can light up and buzz—great for to-go orders!

Looking to optimize your QSR operation? We can help.