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ZOOM Drive-thru timer


In today's competitive quick service market, every second counts. That's why HME designed its advanced ZOOM drive-thru timer systems to provide complete visibility into your entire operation. With its intuitive, multi-color dashboard, customizable reports and convenient network accessibility, other drive-thru timers can't compare. And with the new HME CLOUD you can view detailed, easy-to-read dashboards and reports remotely.

    More than a drive-thru timer:
  • View multiple drive-thru points simultaneously,
    at a glance
  • Pinpoint problems as they occur, and take action
    to keep cars moving
  • Download reports and view real-time activity from your PC, anytime, anywhere
  • Login to HME CLOUD to access dashboards, reports and more for all of your stores.

DASH drive-thru timer upgrade for System 30A


HME CLOUD is a one-stop shop for all of your ZOOM timer data. This simple remote management system works as a central storage place to access information from a single or multiple stores and visually compare them simultaneously. Now you can identify potential problems or bottlenecks with ease and take action instantly for all your stores.

  • Quickly view your whole operation with multi-store dashboards for easy comparison of performance data
  • Update settings for your ZOOM drive-thru timers from virtually anywhere
  • Automatic upgrades keep your stores' software current
  • Get the right help when you need it with a remote connection to HME tech support

System 30A drive-thru timer daylight saving
System 30A drive-thru timers


System 30A drive-thru timers track wait times so your staff is literally competing with the clock to expedite orders. The result? Better service, more customers served per hour, and a dramatic effect on profits — from the world leader in drive-thru timer systems, HME.

    System 30A Drive-thru Timer System:
  • Displays drive-thru service times to both employees and customers
  • Enables management to track and evaluate
    service times
  • Provides real-time, user-friendly reports
    for analysis